Product Description

The Capillus272™ is a low-level light therapy device that fits securely on your head, under any cap or hat of your choice. It is powered by a battery pack that clips to any belt or pant waist, allowing mobility and ability to go about activities during use. It features 272 lasers at a low power wattage of 5mW and wavelength of 650 nm – which for its red color – and according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, is the laser light used for treatment of pattern hair loss. The Capillus272™ includes the Capillus272™ device, a rechargeable battery, wall charger and sports cap.The Capillus272™ uses the same laser diode wavelength (650 nm) and output power per laser diode (5mW) as the low-level laser comb for hair regrowth with FDA-clearance. The difference is in total power output; the FDA-cleared laser comb device features only 9 lasers, versus the 272 lasers offered with the Capillus272™ device allowing for more coverage, simutaneously. The cap also provides more coverage on the temple area due to a deeper fit than other less powerful devices on the market.


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