No more wearing ball caps or shaving your head. Creative Hair Center offers you a way to get your hair back. The technology is here. Creative Hair Center provide the personal care and attention you need to look your very best.

Testimonials of changed lives

Let these powerful testimonials of changed lives, become a motivator and encouragement that your life can drastically change for the better as well. You too can benefit from our treatments and your life too can be changed forever!

Creative Hair Center Centers offered an excellent hair loss solution. I have used other companies and Creative Hair Center definitely has the best quality for the money.

Jeff T.

I came here after going to Hair Club for Men. Creative Hair Center is more cost effective and they are more one on one. I was very discouraged when I first came here, but Michael and his crew have made a world of difference.

Tony D.

I'm a Brain Cancer survivor and my hair did not grow back after treatments. When I returned to school I was bullied for being bald. Being a teenager it was hard to fit in. Creative Hair Center has help me gain my confidence back. Now I have a Normal teenage life.

Veronica M.

I have been very pleased with the services of Creative Hair Center. I have worn Hair for approximately 20 years. It has been an investment for me. People have commented that I look 10 years younger. I have been working in Ministry and Retail Sales for most of my life. I have great confidence and feel better about my appearance.

Claude T.

I had a head injury that resulted in baldness on the back of head. After wearing pony tails for way to long and no surgical option, for correcting baldness, I call Michael for a consultation. I have been so pleased with the results of having a full head of hair again.

LouAnn S.

I first came to Creative Hair Center because I was tired of people looking at my eyes, then up to my head. People don’t realize they do that but they do. I was always shocked, when I glanced at a mirror at the bald man looking back at me! I was very. Self-conscious and loosing self-esteem, not to mention growing old before my time! Creative Hair Center gave me the answer I was searching for. A full natural looking head of hair! But more than that they gave me back my confidence.

Jim D.

I am glad I have done this. I feel so much better about myself. It just makes me feel better when I go out. I am not ashamed of not having hair anymore, just should have done it sooner. Thanks Creative Hair Center for helping me.

Steve N.

”Take advantage of our FREE Hair-and-Scalp Analysis (value: $250).
This information will aid Creative Hair Center Hair professionals in determining the best choice for your hair loss. Save time, money and gasoline. “

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About Our Company

Who We Are
The last six years we have been part of the new Creative Hair Center group. By being part of the board of directors, Michael Son had a vision, to make a powerful statement to the country, in the hair restoration and hair regrowth business.

Building Creative Hair Center is the all about extra hours and weekends, but the final results gave our clients’ an upgraded, 21st century hair restoration company with exceptional associations including affiliations with Ken Webster in Memphis and Dr. Shelly Friedman of Scottsdale, AZ.

Our Mission

What We Think
Creative Hair Center has the skill, experience and technology, to create a real solution. This will fit your active lifestyle and professional schedule.

We will help you fight the battle of hair loss and save you hair and money. We have powerful hair loss solutions for Women, Men, Hormone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy hair loss clients, Cancer or Radiation treatment side effects, Head Trauma, Burned Victims and so on. The rewards are amazing!