A Non-Surgical In Home Hair Growth Therapy Option

Capillus Laser Therapy Caps

For a small investment stop your hair loss and bring it back to its thick, healthy and shiny being again.

The same red light (Low Light Laser Therapy) that you receive at Creative Hair Center, you can now take home with you and on the go.

With as little as 6 minutes per day, you can start to see results in the health of your hair follicles.

The Capillus laser caps are powered by a battery pack to increase your mobility during red light therapy sessions.

You might have heard of laser combs, which only had a total of nine lasers and took forever to do a treatment with.

Those days of laser comb therapy are long gone.

Say hello to the future.

The Capillus series caps include 272 lasers for maximum impact on your hair follicles.

Encouraging the hair growth process with as little as 6 minutes.

Red light therapy plants

How the Capillus Pro Laser Caps Work

Red Light Therapy (Also called Low Level Light or Laser Therapy) has been used successfully treat the scalp and encourage the hair growth process.

The Capillus contains 272 lasers that work to energize dormant and malnourished hair follicles.

The light emitted is a red laser light.

The light increases blood circulation around your hair follicle cells, improving the activity of the follicle at the cellular level.

The Cappillus cap treatments fight the aging and deterioration of your scalp’s cells.

By increasing circulation to your hair follicles, those cells are able to receive more nutrients, and the hair becomes stronger and healthier.

FDA Approved At Home Treatment To Fight Hair Loss….. Finally!

This is the best in medical class at home hair growth therapy product that we’ve found.

We’ve seen it consistently work for our clients here in Tulsa over and over again.

Clinical studies have shown that the Capillus Caps, when used consistently, reduced hair loss in every single person who used them.

Risk? There are none.

No need to be concerned about side effects other than an amazingly strong head of hair.

LLLT treatment For Every Budget

The Capillus 82

Only available at licensed hair therapy providers like the Creative Hair Center.

The Capillus 82 provides 82 laser diodes for affordable coverage and comes with a one year warranty directly from Capillus.

With consistent exposure, your hair can begin to get the nutrients that it needs and become healthy again.


The Capillus Pro

The Capillus Pro provides 272 laser diodes for full coverage and maximum impact on your hair follicles.

Fully cleared by the FDA, this in home hair growth laser cap can help your hair get the nutrients that it needs to become healthy, full and growing again.


The Capillus Rx

The Capillus Pro provides an unbelievable 312 laser diodes for in-depth coverage and an amazing impact on your hair follicles.

An arsenal of lasers working for you right under your cap. The Capillus Rx is unsurpassed in it’s range and depth of Low Level Light Therapy for an in-home device.


How Do I Know Which Capillus Cap Is Right For Me?

The best way to start your journey of hair restoration is with a free consultation at Creative Hair Center.

We’ll help you find the right combination of treatment options for your hair and your budget.

You Don’t Have To Fight Hair Loss On Your Own.

Our team at Creative Hair Center has been helping our friends and neighbors right here in Tulsa for over 28 years.

Before you purchase a device or product for hair loss treatment, come by and see us for a free consultation.

Everyone’s scalp and hair are different and the right treatment options can be just as unique as the individual who needs them.

We’ll offer you our free advice and creative solutions that fit your scalp, your time and your budget.


Schedule Capillus Laser Hair Growth Demo

Why We Recommend Capillus For Hair Growth

We’ve consistently seen amazing results for our clients here in Tulsa using the Capillus Laser Hair Caps.

The Capillus 82, Pro, and Rx provide amazing, non-surgical treatments that you can do right in the comfort of your home, or on the go. You can have the convenience of choosing the time and place for your treatment, even in your own home.

We always emphasize consistency when it comes to hair growth therapy, and using Capillus products is one of the best ways to ensure that you get your hair consistent treatment on a regular basis.

With a re-chargeable battery, your cap will be ready to go when you are. Anytime. Anywhere.

The ease of use is another huge factor for us when it comes to Capillus.

No messy hair products that you have to smell and wash out – just an easy to use cap that gets the job done.

The low level laser diodes are safe, FDA cleared, and have no known side effects.

When our clients use Capillus caps as a part of their treatment regimen, they get results.

hair transplant plant

Let’s Get Growing Again

red light therapy plant

How can we help you?


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