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Let’s Find The Best Hair Loss Treatment For You

We don’t believe in one size fits all treatment approaches.

Here at Creative Hair Center, each treatment plan is as unique as the the person it’s designed for.

The first step in getting your hair back? A free in-depth analysis.

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Why You Should Visit Creative Hair Center

It’s all about understanding the source of your hair loss.

Age, stress, and medical conditions can all be triggers.

If you don’t understand exactly why you’re experiencing hair loss, it can lead you down a path of wrong treatments, wasted time, and money.

We want to help you from the very beginning of the process and not just save your hair but save your time and money too.

Our offices provide a relaxing and welcoming location to get the conversation started .

Learn More About Your Hair Loss Treatment Options

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to hair loss.  And your treatment should be tailored to meet your specific situation. That’s why our team at Creative Hair Center has developed a wide range of hair loss treatment options. We combine hair loss treatments to just the right combination for your success. There are many different types of hair loss, and more than one simple solution. If your hair loss is minimal, moderate or severe, our professional team has a solution for you.

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28 Years Of Hair Restoration Experience Combined With Hair Loss Treatments That Work

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hair loss treatment follicles

hair loss treatment follicles

Non – Surgical Options

No more forcing yourself to constantly wear ball caps or debate shaving your head.

Creative Hair Center has multiple non-surgical options for hair restoration.

These solutions include:

Low Light Therapy

Hair Growth Products

Non Surgical Hair Restoration Therapy

Hair Growth Therapy

We get you started with regular hair growth therapy sessions at Creative Hair Center, but it doesn’t end there.

We provide you with the tools to consistently fight off hair loss at home.

FDA-approved, tested products that have worked for so many of our neighbors and friends right here in Tulsa.

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Hair Transplants

Creative Hair Center works with only the best when it comes to surgical hair loss treatments.

Dr. Shelly Friedman has dedicated his career to becoming a true specialist in hair restoration surgery.

He not only practices the latest hair restoration techniques and has pioneered several ground breaking ideas.

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Our team is ready to help you start experiencing your hair and your life at the fullest.

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