Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

Yes It Does, and Here’s Why:

You may have seen several different names for red light therapy: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and Laser Therapy or Low Light Therapy.

Extensive research has been completed surrounding this type of therapy for a number of different benefits from joint pain to wrinkle reduction and hair follicle stimulation. The FDA has also approved red light therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) for a variety of health benefit uses.

I know, clinical studies are one thing, but YOU are a unique individual and you want to know if this type of therapy will work for you. The truth is, we’ve seen it work for many of our Creative Hair Center clients here in Tulsa.

The best way to know if it’s going to specifically work for you is to come in for a free, no-hassle consultation.

We don’t recommend low level laser therapy unless we believe that it will work for your unique hair and scalp.

It All Started With NASA (Really)…

red light therapy origin

Back in the early 90’s NASA commissioned a study of red light therapy.

The study proved that red light exposure could get plants to grow in outer space.

That was the lead domino in what became a well funded program to investigate medical applications of light exposure and specifically how LEDs could transfer energy to human cells.

The result? Red light exposure did, in fact, provide health benefits.  While NASA’s focus was limiting bone and muscle tissue loss for astronauts, the findings prodded other clinical studies to begin outside of the astronaut program.

They put a man on the moon AND found a new effective method for hair growth therapy.

Thanks NASA.

Low Level Laser Therapy has been a tested and proven non-surgical option for both men and women who are battling hair loss.

We’ve seen it work over and over again.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work For My Hair?

Anagen Phase

It’s all about getting back to the Anagen phase.

If you’re not familiar with the phases of hair growth, we cover it in depth over on our Hair Growth Facts page.

To sum it up: there are three phases of hair growth (Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen) and the phase responsible for hair growth is the Anagen phase. When you’re hair follicle stops producing hair – that growth phase isn’t happening.

The goal of LLLT is to stimulate the epidermal cells in the hair follicle area.  The exposure shifts the follicle cells into the anagen phase and starts the hair growth process again.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), has also been referred to as cold laser therapy, and phototherapy, and there are some cases of use that even date back to the 1960’s, but it wasn’t really widely accepted until that NASA study we mentioned earlier.

Over the past few years though, it has been embraced by the most reputable physicians around the world in the industry of hair restoration, including both leaders and members of prestigious industry organizations such as the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the Inter- national Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

LLLT is able to stimulate and preserve hair follicles in patients with Androgenetic Alopecia and other hair loss disorders.


Low-level light therapy is a great non-surgical hair loss treatment option for both men and women and we’ve seen great results with our clients.

Red Light Therapy Options

capillus pro red light therapy cap

There are a number of laser devices for treatment of genetic or acquired hair loss, but none compare to the ease of use and power of the Capillus Pro.

The Capillus Pro is worn under a baseball cap or any other hat of your preference for 30-60 minutes every other day, or as prescribed by your physician.

The low-level laser light works to prevent, restore, and even reverse hair loss.

During use, the pro’s lasers work to stimulate the scalp and provide energy to the follicles in the resting and shedding phases of the hair cycle.

Improved respiration at the cellular level revitalizes the hair to grow thicker and healthier.

It works to revitalize follicles that are producing fine, thinning vellus hair into healthier follicles that produce thicker, healthier hair.

Lasers are hard at work under your cap, while you go about your usual activities.

Low-level lasers work to energize dormant and miniaturized hair follicles.

The Capillus Pro emits monochromatic red laser light.

This specific type of red light has been thought to increase blood circulation, improve cellular activity, and reverses the normal deterioration of cells.

Hair follicles with improved circulation of blood receive more nutrients, resulting in healthier hair.

The best part of this treatment option is having the device right at home so that you can consistently administer the treatment to your scalp and get results quickly.

Let’s Get Growing Again

red light therapy plant

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