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Do Hair Transplants Work?

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Great news – they actually do!

You may have initially been skeptical about hair transplants and thinking of scary images in your head.

The truth is that hair transplants use your own hair to help bring back hair growth to a dormant area on your head.

By using your own hair from other areas of your head or body, we can actually move these hair follicles to where they’re needed most to give you your confidence back.

On average, within 8 to 12 months you can clearly start seeing results.

Men and women who experience male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness can typically benefit from a hair transplant treatment.

We don’t want you to just jump to this step though without talking to us first.

Creative Hair Center offers a wide variety of treatment options, and the best place to start is with a free consultation.

We can custom design a treatment option that fits your time, needs and budget.

Let’s get your hair back.

Why are there so many varying opinions about hair transplants?

It’s not a quick fix. Since it can take the better part of a year to start seeing your results, a lot of people start doubting the process too early.

People tend to really get concerned when shedding occurs, but did you know that shedding is actually a part of the hair transplant process?

Yep.  You read that correctly.

A hair follicle has to follow the natural growth cycle in order to get situated and really become a part of your scalp, and part of that process is the telogen phase, also known as shedding.

We cover the entire hair growth cycle over on our hair growth facts page (if you’d like to learn more click here)

The phase that we want to get those hair follicles to is the Anagen, or the growth phase.

Makes sense right? Hair growing on your head again – that is the goal.

In order to get to the Anagen/Growth phase though, your hair follicle has to make it all the way through the three cycles before starting over again at the Anagen phase with literal new hair strands.

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What is Shock Loss after a hair transplant?

Shock loss sounds scary, but it’s not permanent.

In a rare number of cases for a hair transplant, the loss of some hair around the area where transplanted follicles have been placed can occur.

This is known as “Shock Loss”.

The important thing to remember is that Shock Loss is temporary.

Say it with me: Shock loss is temporary.

And Shock loss only occurs in a very small number of cases.  Less than 5%.

Why does Shock Loss occur?

It’s really about disrupting the ecosystem of your scalp during the transplant process.

Remember, we’re moving these precious hair follicles and placing them within your skin that may not have had much action lately.

The hair transplant process can cause temporary stress on your scalp and this stress can lead to a temporary stop in the hair growth phases for the other follicles near the transplant site.

Just remember shock loss after a hair transplant is a rare occurrence, but if it does happen it is temporary.

The waiting is the hardest part…

Tom Petty wasn’t lying.

It’s hard enough to get yourself to the point of taking the brave step of hair transplant surgery, but waiting afterwords can be the bigger challenge.

That’s why we work with you, and walk through the hair transplant process with you every step of the way.

It is hard to believe but the process can take the better part of a year to actually start showing your results. We’re committed to helping you consistently take the right steps while you wait.

We’ve been through this process countless times with our friends and neighbors here in Tulsa, and at the end of that year we know that you’ll be looking at that amazing head of hair in the mirror and smiling.

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Dr Shelly Friedman

Meet Your Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Shelly Friedman has been doing successful hair transplants for over 29 years.

With experience in well over 16,000 heads of hair, there’s no one we trust more than Dr. Friedman with your hair.

He is one of the most well versed and highest rated hair transplant doctors in the United States.

He is also the founding president of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery which is actually the national board that certifies hair transplant surgeons.

He is a pioneer in the field of hair restoration.

With multiple technologically advanced options for hair transplants, Dr. Friedman works with you to help choose the best path forward for you hair.

Let’s Get Growing Again

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