Non Surgical Hair Restoration

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What Is Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

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Non surgical hair restoration includes technologically advanced options for treating hair loss.

The goal is to bring nutrients back to your hair follicle cells that they have been deprived from.

We start with taking care of your hair follicle cells.

From there we have additional options to give you that full head of hair and the confidence that comes with it.

It’s about DHT: dihydrotestosterone

DHT is a hormone connected to the more commonly known hormone, Testosterone.  DHT is predominant in men, but not just exclusive to guys.

Too much DHT is a massive cause of hair loss in both men and women.

When DHT levels are raised in your system, your hair follicle cells are prohibited from receiving the nutrients that they need to keep growing.

Some people notice texture changes, brittleness, and reduction in both length and diameter until your hair looks like it’s disappearing.

These symptoms are a sign that your hair follicle cells are literally starving to death.

What does the end look like of  a hair follicle’s life?

It goes completely dormant, and stops producing hair.

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Our Awaken products have worked wonders along with our other hair restoration therapies.

They take the treatments that you’re getting and make sure that your hair continues to get healthier every single day.


Our Awaken products cover every aspect of your scalp and hair health.

The Awaken Cleanse products are infused with naturally derived cleansers from Babassu and Coconut Oils which deeply cleanse the scalp while gently cleansing your hair

Stimulate your hair follicles with an amazing combination of herbal oils that increase circulation.

Cellular Rejuvenation and anti-aging that support healing and devlopment of new healthy skin cells that support your hairs growth.

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Let’s End The Debate On What To Do With Your Hair And Take Action.

No more ball caps (Unless you’ve got a game time tradition).

No more time spent shaving that head.

Creative Hair Center has the non-surgical solutions to get your hair back.

We’ve got the best team in the Tulsa area ready to provide you with personal care and attention that you need to look your very best.

We’re here to face your hair loss head on (literally) with you.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration For Women

If you are a woman and experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone.

You may be surprised to learn that 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women.

Hair loss is a reality for millions of women all over the world. .

If you’ve noticed thinning patches or a receding hair line, we can help you.

Our treatments at Creative Hair Center are designed to help every individual that walks through our doors.

We create custom treatment plans for every client.

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Let’s Get Growing Again

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How can we help you?


Creative Hair Center is located in the Shops at Bridgepoint, near the corner of 71st Street and S. Trenton Ave in Tulsa. If you are heading towards riverside on 71st Street, our offices are on your left.

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